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Update – 02/12/12

Happy New Year!!!

I meant to write something last week which would’ve been the ONE year anniversary of my left foot surgery! Can’t believe it’s been a whole year.

The trip to the UK was awesome. Lots of walking which did cause the usual pain after a few hours. I think my feet are still getting used to this new position. I think they’re also getting used to not being supported by orthotics. I’m glad I got the injection around the stent to bring down the inflammation as the pain was 100% better.

Sadly the mortons neuroma has not been taken care of. The corticosteroid injections helped with the pain for a couple of months but it came back. In fact it seemed to come back even worse. Sometimes it felt like I had a marble under my right foot. Went in to see the Doc after I got back to the US and we discussed my options. We settled on a series of alcohol injections which I wasn’t thrilled with as any injection into a nerve is horrendous and he’s telling me I need a course of 8 weeks, 4 shots a week?!?!?! I have 2 neuromas in each foot…..typical. So 2 shots in each foot, once a week for 8 weeks. JEEZ!!!! 😦

This wednesday will be my 4th week of shots and they are HORRIBLE! The pain is soooooooo bad and the lead up to him actually putting the needle in causes me to have mini panic attacks 😦 I really hope it’s worth it.


Mortons Neuroma :(

So I met with the doctor today because I still can’t wear heels without horrible pain in the ball of my foot. Turns out my initial feeling of having a neuroma was correct. By looking at my xrays it was clear that my toes were super close to each other (there should be a gap between each toe) In my case the bones are so close that the nerves that run between are getting pinched by the bones 😦

There are a few things that can be done to treat it (thankfully!) Today I got cortisone injections between my toes (painful!!!) and was given some ball of foot pads to wear when I’m in heels. I’m really hoping it works!