Update – 06/04/12

Sadly the alcohol injections didn’t work 😦 I’m now in orthodics to help with the neuroma (they have weird little pads near the front of the foot) They help a lot if I’m wearing them but the minute I walk without them I have neuroma pain. Weirdly I feel “right” having orthodics in my shoes!! I guess after years of walking with them I felt weird NOT having them!!! crazy!




2 responses to this post.

  1. Sometimes I think orthotics would feel good again. Just because my right foot wants to relax and go down but that causes pain because of the implant.


  2. weird isn’t it…..
    How has the recovery been going?
    Sorry I haven’t been checking this site – moved back to the UK so the last 4 months or so have been taken up with that.
    I’ve been walking A LOT more in the UK that I did in Los Angeles which at the beginning worried me because I was still getting twinges of pain if I stepped down wrong (mostly in my left foot) however I think the walking has actually helped. I’m dreading when it snows though – slippery sidewalks and my left foot are giving me nightmares!!!!


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