Quick update – 12/10/11

Hi folks. It’s been a while I know!

My left foot was STILL giving me problems 9 months after surgery. If I stepped down too hard or walked on uneven sidewalks I would get horrible pain. I finally caved and went in to see the Doc. He mentioned that sometimes the area around the stent gets chronic inflammation (synovitis?) so he gave me a shot of corticosteroid in the area around the implant….OW!!!! It really bloody hurt. I also had to get another shot for the mortons neuroma in my left foot……more pain 😦 Not a fun day at the doctors office.

The pain continued for a while, mostly due to the bruising around the injection site. But the pain from walking has gone! hurrah!!!!! I feel so much better.

Next saturday I fly to the UK for Christmas. The day of my flight is exactly 1 year since my first foot surgery (right foot) One whole year has passed. CRAZY!!!

I am SOOOOOOOOO happy that I decided to do this surgery. It really has changed my life. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. Buying shoes is fun again, before I always had to look at what shoe was practical and could fit an orthotic but now I look for shoes that I like and feel great. My posture is better, I walk better and I’m slowly correcting all the other problems that flat feet have caused over the years (hip pain, back problems) I managed to find a wonderful physical therapist who has been so caring and has helped so much. I feel truly blessed this year.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!


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