Left foot surgery.

After much debate I’ve decided to get my left foot done sooner than later. Now is the perfect time as my husband is around to help me. It’s super busy in my industry but there’s not much I can do about that. My health is more important. Had my pre-op with the doc the other day. We decided to get it done in the surgery center seeing as I had such a horrible experience with the hospital last time. I discussed getting it done under local anesthetic which the doctor was fine with except he kept saying that it would hurt!!

It’s a new year so I have a deductible with my insurance and instead of covering 100% they now only cover 90% (gotta love the American health care system) Luckily my out of pocket expenses shouldn’t be too much. If I end up going with local anesthesia I’ll be paying $412 with my deductible. If I go under “twilight” it will be a couple hundred more I’m sure. Either way I’m fine with the cost. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to deal with the multitude of problems stemming from my feet, so if I have to pay a few hundred bucks to fix them for good then so be it!!!


Left Foot Pre-Op

Left Foot Pre-Op

This time I remembered to take “before” pics of my foot in all its flat glory!!!! Notice in the second one how my shin bone/ankle bone is at an angle to my foot. Lovely!


I’m 7 weeks post-op on my right foot. My surgery isn’t scheduled until 3pm but just in case I decide to go under anesthesia I’m not allowed to eat!! The doctor said I could eat breakfast at 6am – there’s two things wrong with that sentence “breakfast” and “6am” !!! But I managed to crawl out of bed and grab some coffee and toast, my need for coffee beats my need for sleep! Then I crawled back into bed until 10:30. By 11am I was starving but there was nothing I could do. Took a xanax at 1:30pm on my way to the surgery center (just in case I decided on local, the doctor thought it might help)

Arrived at the surgery center at 2pm, checked in and then walked over to the ward. Such a different experience than the last time, everyone was super friendly and helpful. I explained my fear of being sedated and they apologized but said they had to put an IV in my arm anyway. Which they did and it was painless! Hurrah! Spoke to the anesthesiologist and he promised to only put me under lightly if I wished, so seeing as I already had an IV in my arm I decided to go under sedation. I also explained the nausea  I get and they put some kind of medication behind my ears (!!) that they said would help!!

Got wheeled into the room and the last thing I remember is having the oxygen mask on and thinking I needed to scratch my nose!

Woke up on the recovery ward feeling pretty drowsy but not as bad as last time. Spoke to my doc, he mentioned they used the same size stent on this foot as well. I have a post-op with him on monday afternoon. Husband picked me up and we headed home. I’m happy to report there was NO throwing up in the car!! YAY!!! Ate something and slept for an hour on the couch. The rest of the evening went off without a hitch. Slept like a log!


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