Update – 06/04/12

Sadly the alcohol injections didn’t work 😦 I’m now in orthodics to help with the neuroma (they have weird little pads near the front of the foot) They help a lot if I’m wearing them but the minute I walk without them I have neuroma pain. Weirdly I feel “right” having orthodics in my shoes!! I guess after years of walking with them I felt weird NOT having them!!! crazy!




Update – 02/12/12

Happy New Year!!!

I meant to write something last week which would’ve been the ONE year anniversary of my left foot surgery! Can’t believe it’s been a whole year.

The trip to the UK was awesome. Lots of walking which did cause the usual pain after a few hours. I think my feet are still getting used to this new position. I think they’re also getting used to not being supported by orthotics. I’m glad I got the injection around the stent to bring down the inflammation as the pain was 100% better.

Sadly the mortons neuroma has not been taken care of. The corticosteroid injections helped with the pain for a couple of months but it came back. In fact it seemed to come back even worse. Sometimes it felt like I had a marble under my right foot. Went in to see the Doc after I got back to the US and we discussed my options. We settled on a series of alcohol injections which I wasn’t thrilled with as any injection into a nerve is horrendous and he’s telling me I need a course of 8 weeks, 4 shots a week?!?!?! I have 2 neuromas in each foot…..typical. So 2 shots in each foot, once a week for 8 weeks. JEEZ!!!! 😦

This wednesday will be my 4th week of shots and they are HORRIBLE! The pain is soooooooo bad and the lead up to him actually putting the needle in causes me to have mini panic attacks 😦 I really hope it’s worth it.

Quick update – 12/10/11

Hi folks. It’s been a while I know!

My left foot was STILL giving me problems 9 months after surgery. If I stepped down too hard or walked on uneven sidewalks I would get horrible pain. I finally caved and went in to see the Doc. He mentioned that sometimes the area around the stent gets chronic inflammation (synovitis?) so he gave me a shot of corticosteroid in the area around the implant….OW!!!! It really bloody hurt. I also had to get another shot for the mortons neuroma in my left foot……more pain 😦 Not a fun day at the doctors office.

The pain continued for a while, mostly due to the bruising around the injection site. But the pain from walking has gone! hurrah!!!!! I feel so much better.

Next saturday I fly to the UK for Christmas. The day of my flight is exactly 1 year since my first foot surgery (right foot) One whole year has passed. CRAZY!!!

I am SOOOOOOOOO happy that I decided to do this surgery. It really has changed my life. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. Buying shoes is fun again, before I always had to look at what shoe was practical and could fit an orthotic but now I look for shoes that I like and feel great. My posture is better, I walk better and I’m slowly correcting all the other problems that flat feet have caused over the years (hip pain, back problems) I managed to find a wonderful physical therapist who has been so caring and has helped so much. I feel truly blessed this year.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Flip Flops!

So this post is for Evie who asked if I could post a pic of me in flip flops!!! I apologize in advance for not getting a pedicure but I’m still bruised from the cortisone shots and the thought of having to go thru a pedicure gives me chills!!!




The scar is still pretty dark (this one is actually much lighter than my left foot scar) I’m hoping they will eventually lighten (damn you olive skin!)


I haven’t actually gone out in flip flops yet. I’m still wearing my orthotics until the end of August. That’s not to say I couldn’t go out in them if I wanted to but I’ve never been a big fan of flip flops (no support!) If I go to the beach this summer though I will definitely wear them…..with pride!!! Obviously after I get a much needed pedicure!!! HAHAHA!

As you can see from the pics, there is no pronation, my ankle is perfectly placed over my foot and from the side there is no weird flappy bit of foot spilling over the flip flop! Hurrah! Success!!!! My arch isn’t huge but I’m very happy with it 🙂

Mortons Neuroma :(

So I met with the doctor today because I still can’t wear heels without horrible pain in the ball of my foot. Turns out my initial feeling of having a neuroma was correct. By looking at my xrays it was clear that my toes were super close to each other (there should be a gap between each toe) In my case the bones are so close that the nerves that run between are getting pinched by the bones 😦

There are a few things that can be done to treat it (thankfully!) Today I got cortisone injections between my toes (painful!!!) and was given some ball of foot pads to wear when I’m in heels. I’m really hoping it works!

Update – 13 weeks/20 weeks

Just wanted to write a quick note about how things are progressing. When I get out of bed in the morning or if I’ve been sitting for a long time I notice that the outside of my feet hurt when I start to walk (not the arch side but along the little toe side) The pain goes after a few minutes of walking but it’s definitely a new pain so I felt I should mention it. Not quite sure how long this is going to last. I guess I’ll find out! Other than that everything seems to be progressing OK. Haven’t started yoga or pilates yet. I’m hoping to start back at the gym next week.

Left foot surgery – 9 weeks/16 weeks – right foot

Had my final post-op meeting with the doc yesterday. He took x-rays of both feet and everything is great! The stent is in the right position and the feet look good!!! So that’s it. No more check-ups, no more doctors visits, no more x-rays!

It’s been a long 4 months but so worth it. After 34 years though, 4 months is nothing! And really the recovery was easy. The hardest part was wearing the cast but even that was fine (she says now that the cast isn’t on!!! ;))

I’ll revisit this blog in a years time. They say it takes up to a year to fully heal. Should be an interesting 12 months!!! 🙂